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A sanctuary in time and place for the sake of embodying the World to Come

(Inspired by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel)

Queer Ritual and Transitions

I work with queer individuals, couples, friends, and groups to support through transitions including conflict mediation and developing commitments for shared projects.  I offer ritual support for gender transitions, marriage, birth, death and everything in between.

Taking the State Out of the Body

Taking the State out of the Body is a guidebook in deconstructing nationalism through an embodied and trauma-informed praxis. You can pre-order the book through PM Press, see what people are saying, and learn more below. Please reach out if you want to collaborate, connect, or plan a stop on the forthcoming book tour.

Healing Jewish Trauma & Unlearning Zionism

I work within the Jewish community to heal inter-generational trauma around antisemitism while also unlearning Zionism and finding a sense of safety beyond nationalism. Somatics is a powerful tool to work with activation around the precarity of our safety and to practice returning to our collective  commitments in a way that becomes a challenge to militarized borders, policing, and nationalism.

Somatic Coaching & Group Facilitation

I offer individual, group, and organizational sessions based in the principles and practices of somatics. We will use a range of embodied tools and strategies to explore the impacts of trauma, internalized oppression, and shame on our bodies and our movements. Somatic practice can help you to build awareness, transform stuck patterns, and further embody your personal and political commitments.


About Eliana

Eliana is a queer jewish femme living in Durham, North Carolina on occupied Eno and Shakori land. Eliana has dedicated their life as a politicized healer and organizer to revealing the ways our bodies are impacted by trauma and oppression with a particular focus on Jewish intergenerational trauma. They are a trained practitioner with generative somatics, anti-Zionist organizer, land steward, and a facilitator of Theater of the Oppressed. Eliana is committed to the creation and embodiment of a liberatory healing sanctuary in service of decolonized relationships with land and lineage.


Eliana's somatic practice provided me with an intuitive, kind, aware and politicized healing space in which I felt held without any judgements and seen in my process of connecting back to my body and myself.

Somatic bodywork allowed me to shed many layers of trauma while also helped me unearth my personal and political commitments of prioritizing myself and strategies of care for social movements. 

I am beyond grateful to Eliana and their offerings.

- M. Suarez, International Solidarity/Cross-Movement Birdie

I not only imagine but now feel and connect more with solidarity with the colonized masses in decolonization and moving toward the earth. There are layers of this reality and they can be sensed through our bodies. The underpinnings of white supremacy are right beneath our nose.


Organizer & Care Worker

I'm so grateful to learn in community, and Eliana is a superb facilitator. This group allowed me to plumb more deeply into relationships and commitments that I've been reaching toward, and practicing with others was a helpful way to really see, reflect, and understand the impact of body-based practices.


Domestic Worker and Employer Organizing

To put it simply—I felt a strong sense of being in community, and less alone, in my experiences. I also realized in a deeper way the need to work with my safety shape and work with myself in order to embody my commitment in the way I want to. I knew this intellectually, but it has been powerful to experience this need more deeply.


Public School Teacher

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